Nils Davis Design is a web design, print design, advertising, marketing and media company based in Bishop, CA. We offer top-notch, affordable services to Bishop, Mammoth Lakes, the Eastern Sierra, Los Angeles and surrounds.



For any venture today it is essential to have a distinct web presence. Quite often a website is a person's first introduction to a company - and we all know what it's like to land on an uninviting site. While even the smallest business or organization needs to be proactive in promoting itself online, we believe it is also essential to have a professional and intelligently designed website.

What this means is having a site that looks professional, but it also means having a site that accomplishes your goals. This usually reflects your business's goals. For example, increase sales, increase potential leads, generate and grow a contact or mailing list, etc. We work with you to ensure your site not only accomplishes those goals but increases the "conversion" process so that visitors to your website don't just visit and view, but fill out the appropriate contact form, purchase an item, and more.

You can choose to go with the big web guys like register.com, but you won't get what you want. Call and talk to us (or contact us via email) and you will get someone on the line you can talk to; who understands your needs and will craft the site that you want. You won't get cookie cutter, you won't have to talk to someone on another continent.
We offer complete web design and development services - from concept, design and back end development to marketing and promotion. View some examples.


Either consciously or subconsciously, people judge the quality and professionalism of a business on it's printed material: logos, business cards, brochures, ads, newsletters, or annual reports. It is vitally important to have quality printed materials for your business, organization or project. We make sure the first impression is a good one.


From advertising to stationery systems to brochures and invitations, we can craft a business' message and maintain consistency throughout all materials.


Nils Davis Design works hard to develop a company's most important visual element: the logo. We talk carefully with the business to understand its services, identity, and brand position in its particular market. We strive to understand the Unique Selling Proposition of the business, its services and its offer to the potential client or customer. See our thorough branding process here.

Other Printed Matter

One of Nils Davis Design's strengths is publishing. We have developed and continually produce multipage publications to suit many different needs such as magazines, books, catalogs, newsletters, annual reports and more. We can help on any scale project from design to press.