Mammoth Mountain Adventure Guide

For the past two years Nils Davis Design + Production has had the privilege of designing a biannual publication for Mammoth Mountain. Distributed in all of their lodging properties, this piece was created with the intention of helping Mammoth Lakes visitors enjoy all that the Mammoth area has to offer.

This magazine was originally designed by Nils Davis Design under Eastside Ventures, LLC but has now become a partnership between Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, Inc. and Nils Davis Design. Nils Davis Design and Eastside Ventures worked with local, talented writer David Page on the original content for the guides. The skills of Nate Greenberg at Data Management Technology were employed for the fantastic pullout maps.

Feel free to contact Nils Davis Design or stop in to one of Mammoth Mountain's lodging properties such as Tamarack Lodge for a hard copy of this 36 page handbook.