Nils Davis Design is a web design, print design, advertising, marketing and media company based in Bishop, CA offering top-notch, affordable services to Bishop, Mammoth Lakes, the Eastern Sierra, Los Angeles and surrounds.

Our Philosophy

We keep it straightforward.

Nils Davis Design believes strongly in a clear message. We help you present your message visually, simply and powerfully. We enable you to focus on your strengths, and help translate your needs into a visual language that appeals and communicates to your market.

Keri Photo

Keri Davis

Keri became a principal designer for Nils Davis Design in 2006. After receiving a Bachelor's degree from the University of California at Santa Cruz, Keri spent several years traveling. Having been raised in Arizona by a single mother and professional artist, Keri has always had an affinity towards anything creative. Luck would have it that Nils would begin a career in design and Keri would follow in his footsteps. "I think it's very rare that someone finds a career they feel perfectly suited for and inspired to be a part of. I get excited just to sit down at my desk each day and create." Keri divides her time between her son Soren, enjoying friends and family, and getting out to take part in all the Eastern Sierra has to offer, from climbing to skiing to CrossFit. You can find her on Google + and Facebook.