Keri and Nils have provided me with outstanding design work that has really stood apart from that of other design & production work. With my latest design and print needs I wasn't sure what I needed or should have on various flyers and posters, so it was a relief that I could just simply give them a general idea and they took it from there and gave me very cool designs and formats to choose from. Very easy to work with and the things they come up with really are uniquely creative, cleanly laid out and very professional.

-Keith Glidewell


I have had mostly small jobs such as logo re-design, banner ads and display ads. The have responded quickly and have done a great job by listening to my needs and getting the job done quickly.

-Laurel King, OutdoorIndustryJobs.com


Keri Davis is a wonderful person to work with. Not only is she a talented graphic artist, Keri's professionalism is amazing. She listens to her clients needs and wants and deliveries with in a very prompt time frame.

-Dawn Vereuck, Mountain Living


Nils Davis Design+Production is fantastic to work with.

-Dana Caraway


Keri is a pleasure to work with. She listened to what I wanted, researched our business, and offered a really great looking website.

-Betsy Johnson, Eastern Sierra Plumbing


Logo Design, Convict Lake Resort Derby Events

Convict Lake Resort has been a long-time client of Nils Davis Design, and they've always valued the power of advertising and good design. They recently asked us to design two logos for their yearly fishing events. The left logo is a general logo for all of the 2014 fishing events they hosted this year. The logo on the right was created in response to their request for a event specific design that complimented the general one. It was a fun project. It's important to never underestimate the importance of a well designed logo.

As Diana Plesa states in her article about the importance of a good logo, "A well thought out and designed logo gives an impression of professionalism and attention to details. A professional design shows that you care about your business and take pride in everything your company does. This in turn, shows that you will give the same professionalism and excellence in the work you do for others. Your logo is an overall image of power, quality, seriousness and professionalism. Hence, choosing the right colors, type, design and font will make all the difference." Read more here.


Table Sign Design, 3-Panel Friends of the Inyo

Nils Davis Design just complete another 3-panel tabletop display for Friends of the Inyo non-profit organization. Designing a tryptic makes things interesting. We have also been designing more infographics these days. Tabletop displays are a very effective way to draw people in at events. 


Website Design Bishop, Anne Marie's Home Boutique

Nils Davis Design is excited to showcase one of our latest website designs. Anne Marie's Home Boutique is a wonderful shop in downtown Bishop filled with anything and everything kitchen and bath. It was a pleasure designing the new website, as well as intergrating the Shopify platform. Now you can purchase all of the Anne Marie goodies online! Get shopping at Anne Marie's.  


Display Design, 3-Panel Table Top for Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership

Did you know that Nils Davis Design does display and signage design? Some of our clients, more specifically our non-profit organizations, set up booths at events and need a sharp looking display to convey their message. The Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership loved a trifold brochure we designed a couple years ago and asked us to use that design as inspiration for the table display. 



Photo Editing, Convict Lake Resort

Photo editing has become an indispensable part of photography today. Pictures and photographs have come a long way since the days of black-and-white, but the process is still far from perfect. And sometimes a fantastic photo may still contain an undesirable object or unwanted family member. Nils Davis Design can offer advanced photo editing services. Happen to have an old photo family photo with an ex-husband you'd like taken out? Or a nice image with something in the background that really takes away from the quality? Convict Lake Resort was in short supply of any good images for a Mother's Day ad campaign. Nils Davis Design took an image of a mother and daugher and placed them in an image of Convict Lake. Can you tell?